CALVARY Assemblies of God Church - Ghana

How you can sponsor some of our Missions Projects

pend4.jpg These are the five priority areas for those who are interested in networking with our local church for missions:
  1. Plant two rural churches every five years
  2. Train full time leaders (one or two) every three years, and part time workers every year
  3. Acquire land for the churches we plant
  4. Erect Temporary structures for every local assembly
  5. Offer socal services: in terms of medical assistance, food aid, clothing and supporting needy parents to send their children to school in the rural communities
We also need responses from concerned individuals about the plight of Africa or Ghana; Please express your views about the poverty in Africa and email your response to these questions
  1. Do Africans deserve better lives?
  2. What does it mean to lead a better life?
  3. What do we do to have better lives?
  4. What are the enemies of a better life?
  5. What contribution can the Christians or local churches offer to bring a better life to the people in Africa or Ghana?