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Jesus Witness International Mission is a pioneering continental Mission agency based in Benin Republic in West Africa, with mandate to raise leaders, commanders and witnesses to the Nations. Our approach is to lay a keel for true gospel of the kingdom; by raising Godly altars to replace the altars of Idols spread over the continent and network with experience ministries globally to saturate the continental atmosphere with divine presence and power of His glory through prayers, supplication, intercession and thanksgiving. Our philosophy is powered by the love of God and the body of Christ and with this we are poised to raise a breed without greed, a people full of the power of the Holy Spirit with the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ. We strategically spread the gospel of the kingdom through various charitable projects, such as prison ministry, the seafarer welfare ministries, orphanages, network ministry, hospital visitation, youth empowerment programmes and grass root Christian education projects. We strongly believe that, empowered children with true fundamental Christian education is fundamental to discipling the continent. So we run several programs to advance this course, such as:-

These with other referral services give us the thrust to project the gospel of our Lord Jesus globally through skillful hands with heart of integrity.
Young Christian combatant club - camp for children between aged 10- 15 yrs.
African Youth Empowerment summits for youths from 16 - 30 years.
Inter community movement for youths. A prayer mobilization and discipleship for African youths from 20 - 40 years.
Schools and colleges development schemes from where we equip young talents and gifted Africans to advance their skills through (ICT) training and seminars.
Sporting talent hunting and exposure retreats and camps.

Pastor Anthony Chukwu Okorie