The commission believes and accepts the totality of the biblical doctrines without reserve, therefore stand to accept; that the bible is the revealed word of God.

That God is the supreme creator of all being and things, that Jesus Christ is the son of God born of divine revelation and Holy conception.
That the Holy Spirit as God is real today on earth as promised by the father through the son Jesus Christ.
Believe in salvation in Jesus only through believing in the heart and confessing with the mouth.
That sin is an enemy and separator from our God.
Believe in baptism in water by dipping and not sprinkling and the baptism of fire or Holy Ghost baptism with initial evidence of speaking in tongues.
Believe in the blood of Jesus as price for our redemption and a token for atonement for sins.
Believe in the great commission of Jesus Christ as a must for ever believer, and the heart of compassion towards every creation.
We believe and respect every culture as long as it does not run counter to biblical standards, and praises and worship could be rendered to our God from the stand point of purity and sanctity rather than dogmas or man made rules.
We believe in the universal body of Christ and the oneness of His Spirit towards all who believe, without racial tribal or ethnic prejudice.
We believe that all men everywhere could praise God lifting Holy hands without fear, hence we welcome networking of fellowship with other Christians world wide.
We believe that marriage is a Holy institution of God and must be revered according to Godís standard, and polygamy is not part of that standard.
We believe in the eternal reward for faithfulness and also an earthly appreciation of the same through promotion and election into Godly office by the grace and leading of the Holy Spirit.
We believe in the Holy Communion as sacred command of our Lord Jesus for the identification/relationship in sacrifice, which He brought to us through His blood and body.
We believe in the reality of heaven and hell, and preach to warn men/women all over to repent and receive Jesus so to avoid the later.
We believe in the resurrection of the body as proved by our Lord Jesus and the eternal life and positioning of all saints in Christ Jesus, far above all principalities powers and rulers of the darkness of this world.
We believe in forgiveness of sin on repentance, hence we too forgive offenders in other to maintain our fellowship with God.
We believe and practice the love of God, which is unconditional; hence we are determined through practice and faith to dwell on the love work.
We believe in the totality of our well-being, spirit soul and body, so we do not neglect any part of them for Godís sake.
We believe that children are Godís heritage and our reward, so we as custodians must nurture and train them healthily unto the praise of God.
We believe in the all sufficiency of God hence by faith we know that every need is met in God through Christ Jesus.
We believe that everything and every being are owned by God and that restoration and redemption is possible through compliance to Godly principles and practice.
We believe and practice fundamental deliverance of people and places by the word of God as a means of repossessing our lost possession, as well as redemption of all things through the blood of Jesus Christ.
We believe in vision, prophesying and dreams given by God as ways of communications to His saints today. Likewise that revelation of the word is progressive and not static, so we open to learning at all time in all situations and stages.
We lean on Godís word only for judging all forms of prophecy, dreams or vision and maintain a grip on the truth only.
We believe in living a Holy life of total obedience to God regardless of situation and circumstances as well as conducting our lives decently and orderly in all manners of conversation and appearance.
We believe and revere the Holy Spirit as our guide in all things and in all ways, hence we acknowledge Him in all live dealings and we believe that without Him today we can do nothing.
We believe in divine health, healing and living as paid for by the substitution of Jesus Christ.
We believe in miracles signs and wonders as attendant manifestations to believers, hence we do not run after them rather concentrate on our Godly inheritance and purpose for the manifestation of the same.
We believe in the power of covenant, hence we support the destruction of all forms of covenant contrary to Godís standard and stick on the blood covenant based in the blood and name of Jesus Christ.
We believe that altars still speaks today, and encourage that all ancient altars must be destroyed and Godly altars raised in their stead for communion with God daily.
We believe in the modern priesthood, hence all believers are encouraged to take up their priesthood office and serve God everywhere as designated by God for the praise of God on earth.
We believe in the modern kingship office, under the king of Kings Jesus Christ, so we employ all members to conduct themselves as royalties.
We believe and practice the modern vertical intercession through our high priest Jesus and the horizontal intercession with all saints on earth.
Having faith in the universal brotherhood in Christ Jesus we encourage marriage along the line of the same.
We believe the joint heir ship of Jesus Christ and heir unto God, so we are not afraid to attain any level of glorification and material possession here on earth.
We believe and accept the sacrifice of Christ for us in prosperity, hence he was made poor for us to be rich, we accept it without question as a means to advance the kingdom of God and not self.
We believe in knowledge as a panacea to ignorance hence we willingly unlearn what we know in other to learn something new by the Holy Spirit.
We believe in the fruit of the Spirit as an inheritance and eternal quality received through Christ Jesus in our lives, so we allow the manifestations of the same by the help of the Holy Spirit giving us the desired Godly character.
We believe and accept the functioning of the gifts of the Holy Spirit in our fellowships and individual lives, hence we give ourselves to the manifestation of the same
We believe in family as the nucleus of the society hence we respect the authority and ordinances of God in families.
We believe in the community as an extension of Gods work from the families and in nations as a larger praise unto God, hence we commit our time, treasure and talent to beautify the same.
We believe in the God of creations and accept to labour with our hands, either physical, intellectually or spiritually.
We believe in capitals as ordained by God, inspirations that come from God and moral encouragement from God and between one another as a means of replenishing and taking dominion on earth.
We believe in the power of God as supreme over all powers and that all power belongs to our God and in Christ Jesus we have received the same for the work of God on earth.
We believe that peace is of God and cannot be attained except through the prince of peace who is Christ Jesus.
We believe that there is no road too far for repentance; hence the worst offender can be changed by the preaching of the word and through the conviction of the Holy Spirit.
We believe that all thrones and authorities are ordained by God for the praise of God only, hence as we respect and honour God by the same we speak positively unto the thrones.
We believe that customs and traditions of men will never hinder their salvation except where ignorance holds strongly, hence we relate with all in other to shine the light of Jesus to bring salvation to all.
These and others as our first paragraph shows are the Doctrinal position of the church in the fellowship in (JWIM) Living Spring Assembly.

Pastor Anthony Chukwu Okorie