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Any individual who rejects, renounce and repent of his sins and confess the lordship of Jesus by accepting Him as his Lord and Saviour is qualified to be a member alongside, he/she will be made to under go a thirty six (36) course programme that will form a basis of his acceptance of faith and doctrine of the Jesus Witness International Mission; (Living Spring Assembly). And as well such a person is considered a member of the universal body of Christ and member of the Christian fellowship.
The adherents loose his/her membership for a while or forever according to the nature of his disobedience or devilish act against the church of God, which is the body of Christ. However the board of director of the church will decide and advice accordingly about the dismissal or punishment as laid down in the rules and regulation of the church of Jesus Christ that fellowship in (JWIM) Living Spring Assembly. Ref: Constitution and by law.

Members are entitled to enjoy and adhere to the love of God as stipulated in the Holy Bible with one another, as well as benefit from the opportunities that comes through the blessing of the fellowship; to this end all full members on recognition will be issued with a membership certificate, as a proof of real membership, note anyone who claims to be a member without such certification stands alone.

Restoration of membership after having lost the same is not automatic; hence the board of governors of the mission will scrutinize and affirm such characters in other to advice and receive them back; to this end all members are advised to maintain a high spiritual and moral conduct in all affairs of life and living. The church does not belong to any body but to the head of the church Jesus Christ, so we all must work towards leasing Him at all times and in all situations.

Members who shows proficiency in their calling stands to be rewarded first by God and by the fellowship, through election by grace into the higher calling or office as stipulated by the bible; therefore the office of deacons and elders are merited and not purchased by cash, however a proof of ones calling into the Five Fold Ministerial office of the church of Jesus Christ as stated in Eph. 4:11, must be attained through a careful guiding of the Holy Spirit and the strategic study and mentorship as provided by the constitution of this fellowship.

Membership as observed is by grace and not law hence, any member wishing on his own to leave the fellowship is free to do so on conviction, but must notify the leadership of the fellowship and received proper counsel and benediction from the elders. Please any member who does otherwise may be deemed to have rebelled against the ordinance of God and the church of Jesus Christ.

Members are obliged to dedicate their lives, families, properties and business unto God without exception: raise Godly altars where applicable and stand to function as Godly priest wherever they found themselves or where their callings may demand.

All manners of celebration outside the divine will and practice of God is not acceptable, therefore members as Godís representative or ambassadors of Christ Jesus must protect and preserve Godly virtue above personal interest. However celebrating Godís blessing received in the spirit of thanksgiving and worship is acceptable and highly encouraged.

Members are entitled to receive patronage of the body while living and in transition also will not be denied the biblical respect of fellowship to this end we will stand to rejoice with all that rejoices and mourn with all that mourns from the stand point of wisdom of God and nothing else.

All spiritual matters relating to membership must be channeled through the leadership, to the Pastors, up to the general overseer where applicable, hence members who feel that justice and righteousness is not meted unto them can seek redress to see the general overseer all through the church ordinance system.

Every office holder in the fellowship must be respected as Godís steward executing his service therefore members must learn to reserve God through his given offices; cases of insolence or disrespect to constituted authority will be viewed with seriousness. Accountability must be first unto God before the brethren.

Members who wishes to have house care fellowships in their homes should indicate and receive approval of the same from the church authorities, or no member is permitted to do otherwise except where the fellowship does not exist.

No member of the fellowship is above disciplinary action; so all office holders should humble themselves in service as unto God alone.

Pastor Anthony Chukwu Okorie