This is a Project set up to bind three sisters together after years of separation. The first and second sisters Mrs. Grace Manieson-Annancy and Ms. Flora Manieson were born and bred in Ghana of the late Mr. Louis Benjamin Manieson and Mrs. Victoria Broni-Manieson.
Our third sister Mrs. Sandra Wright has an English mother Mrs. Hester Manieson and was born and bred here in Bristol, England.
The sisters knew of each other but had never met. By the providence of God the sisters met together in Bristol at Sandy's House in the Autumn of 2007. We all got on like a house on fire. Grace and I met our step-mother, Hester, also for the first time a frail 92 year old elderly lady full of charm and warmth. We also met Sandy's husband Roy, and their daughter Marisa and her boyfriend at the time, Jamie (now husband with twin girls, Florence and Isabella).

The initial meeting was a blessed one, because we all felt completely at ease with each other and chatted over many topics and subjects. One main one was to have a kind of memorial for our Dad who had been dead about ten years by then. Our Dad loved to read and we have all aquired that habit too. The suggestion we all had was to build a library in his name. So the idea of a library at Akosombo was born. Last July we launched the Akosombo Library Project and got the support of many friends and family.

We recognised that the building of the library would take some time but meanwhile we had books ready to be used.

We have got a mobile library for children in use at present until the building is ready for use as a general public library for the community of Akosombo.

The Manieson-Wright Foundation is a "not for profit organisation" to help children develop the reading habit from a young age to help them with their school work and become high achievers in the future, and to improve themselves and their Communities too.

Manieson-Wright Foundation