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Every generation, societies, and individuals, since time began, have had challenges to confront and change to better their lot. There is an urgent need for the setting up of Counseling Centers or strengthening existing ones to complement the effort of our religious institutions in our communities thereby adding more impetus to the up-bringing of the youth. The youth cannot be exclusively blamed for the level of indiscipline in society, because society has not been able to make up for the irresponsibility of some parents by way of upbringing. The consequences of such irresponsibility is no respecter of persons, hence the need to take action now for our common good. Almost every concerned citizen, especially those in responsible positions is clamouring for attitudinal change in our society hence our resolve to champion this campaign. We are concerned about the future. Another reality and an indictment is that our school system does not produce patriotic citizens thereby making nation-building difficult and the challenges one encounters at school is enough to make one not want to do anything for his or her motherland . The system is very unfriendly and does not encourage love for ones nation.

Francis Adu Darkwah