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Ghana Positive Foundation Project (GPFP) is simply an up-bringing program to bring about the ‘new Ghanaian’ who loves his or her country and cherishes it and who also understands that it is only Ghanaians who should make the conscious effort to build Ghana and that, it is a possible, but requires a nation-building mindset or mentality.

The WHY of the PROJECT

We have realized that most Ghanaians are losing our sense of patriotism, reflecting in our national life by its negative impact, hence the desire to correct that anomaly. We seek to place our nation in the heart and mind of the youth and by extension the ordinary Ghanaian so that we can build the kind of nation that we desire, making our nation an enviable one in Africa and then extend the program to other Countries in the sub-region since it is part of African Attitude Initiative (AAI) but begins in Ghana.

Francis Adu Darkwah