Executive Director of RSS, Hillary Adongo on a Radio discussion programme in Bolgatanga
Provided business coaching and proposal writing services to more than 50 individuals and groups including Gaabisi Basket Weavers Association, Rural Women Association and the Bolga Basket Weavers Cooperative Club
Provided writing services to more than 30 non-literate entrepreneurs including market women etc.
Facilitated Communication and Leadership training in collaboration with Libre Foundation in the Netherlands for more than 45 CBO and NGO management staff since 2013 in the Upper East Region of Ghana
Helped more than 50 businesses formalize their operations through registration with the Registrar Generals’ Department in Ghana
Provided Business Development training to several women and youth groups
Provided writing services to tens of private and public organizations
Provided coaching to more than 20 start-ups including caterers, carpenters etc.
Feature on radio discussions to discuss entrepreneurship, business development, environment and other development issues
Communication and Leadership Training session for NGO/CBO Staff in Bolgatanga with support from Libre Foundation - Netherlands
Towards becoming a full-fledged social enterprise organization in the future, RSS has initiated the following social enterprises.

FINE LINE INSTITUTE OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP & COMMUNICATION; which provides entrepreneurship education and tailor-made courses to local entrepreneurs.
FINE LINE PUBLICATIONS; facilitates publication of Children’s story books and compilation and documentation of cultural and traditional stories, festivals and songs.
FINE LINE BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT CENTRE; provides business advisory services to local businesses including small holder farmers and start-up entrepreneurs.

Director Mr. Hillary Adongo

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