Communication & Leadership training for NGO/CBO staff in Navrongo UER Ghana
Restorative Seed Society was established in 2007 with the aim of assisting groups and associations, local entrepreneurs and society at large maximize profits from their economic ventures and earn a decent living while supporting communities and individuals in traditional NGO activities including advocacy, gender, environment and education.
Over the years, the organization has worked with more than 50 individuals and groups in the Upper East Region, providing business development services including facilitating formalization of businesses/groups (i.e. business name registration), development of proposals and concepts, conducting trainings etc.
RSS is unique in its work in that it promotes the principles of Social Entrepreneurship which ensures businesses deliver social value while remaining environmentally friendly.
It is our intention to make life worth living for the lower class of society. Simply put "Every day in Africa, people work very hard to make a living but we exist to make life worth living".
Our host of expertize in various fields gives us the multi-disciplinary advantage of addressing the myriad of business development challenges. Restorative Seed Society also operates with the business name Fine Line Concepts.
Fine Line Concepts (unrelated to any other organisation with a similar name) is a social business that provides business advisory services and related trainings to local business people.

To provide relevant training and writing services to local entrepreneurs and businesses.

To become a leader in raising social entrepreneurs and building social enterprises

The name Restorative Seed Society is derived from the Bible (Genesis 1:31). According to Genesis 1:31, we read that the creation of God was GOOD. However in our present time, we know there are a lot of wrongs especially with our environment.
The name Restorative Seed Society means that we are sowing a seed through the activities we do in order to restore our society (from its present wrong state) to its original state (GOOD) as described in the Bible in Gen 1:31.

Director Mr. Hillary Adongo

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