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Narrowband (100 Hz) superhet receiver, as used in the MSF Clock, with outputs for 3 kHz (audio) IF, "S" meter and serial data (8 V = carrier, 2 V = break) - including all decoding details to extract accurate Year, Month, Weekday, Date, Hours, Minutes and Seconds with automatic GMT/BST and leap year - and leap seconds, Basic listings for local, GMT and sidereal time, receives Carlisle (used to be from Rugby, callsign MSF - "standard frequency") 60 kHz atomic time signals, accurate to 1 part in 10^13 (300µs in 100 years), built-in antenna, 1000 km range (provision for external antenna beyond), 50dB agc range, easily retuned 10-150 kHz, 50 dB agc, connections by terminal block, polarity protected, needs 12 V at 10 mA. 5 x 8 x 15 cm, 250 g.

"your design is the best", RM in Staffs.
"worked first time", SJP in Cheshire.

This fun-to-build kit used to include all parts, tinned drilled fibre-glass pcb, pre-wound coils, case, connectors, screws etc as well as detailed assembly and operating instructions including circuit description and diagram, all decoding details and needs only a meter and speaker to tune, and was priced at 35.30 including VAT and UK postage.
Please e-mail for the latest price reduction, details of payment and any extra parts now neeeded.

TTL interface for 60 kHz Receiver serial data