Antenna Noise Bridge Low Frequency Converter 60 kHz Receiver VLF Receiver 198 kHz Converter
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Antenna Tuner Speech Compressor Two Tone Oscillator Sound Meter 136 kHz Crystal Calibrator



MAKE them HEAR YOU with a Speech Compressor between your microphone and transmitter, BOOST your POWER up to 4 times, FIGHT THROUGH the QRM in two ways. Firstly, when switched to "HIFI" the 60 dB agc keeps your audio at maximum whether you whisper or shout, over a 1000:1 range, and so prevents under or over modulation/deviation. Secondly when switched to "DX" the dynamic compression and rising frequency response increase your overage power up to 4 times to sound one 'S' point louder. Bypassed when switched off, SOUND BIG, needs 12 V at 10 mA, 4 x 7 x 13 cm, 200 g.

"2 'S' points increase, signal still clean", JVM in Lancaster.
"regularly use, excellent results", AJR in Bristol.
"went together no trouble", JS in London.
"makes quite a difference to the signal reports", MS in Plymouth.
"very pleased with results", EWT in Caerphilly.

This fun-to-build kit used to include all parts, tinned drilled fibre-glass pcb, case, connectors, screws etc as well as detailed assembly and operating instructions including circuit description and diagram, and was priced at 24.20 including VAT and UK postage.
Please e-mail for the latest price reduction, details of payment and any extra parts now neeeded.