Antenna Noise Bridge Low Frequency Converter 60 kHz Receiver VLF Receiver 198 kHz Converter
50 & 70 MHz Converter Audio Oscillator MSF Clock Tunable Audio Notch Filter Programmable Chime
Antenna Tuner Speech Compressor Two Tone Oscillator Sound Meter 136 kHz Crystal Calibrator


Poor reports ?
Antenna Fault ?
Traps off-tune ?
Storm Damage ?

Check FAST with an ANTENNA  NOISE  BRIDGE. Measure RESONANCE 1-160 MHz and RADIATION RESISTANCE 2-1000 ohms (50 ohms mid-scale) without transmitting, no 10 second limit, measure inside and outside the amateur bands, find where it is 50 ohms, get accurate answers directly, no confusion with harmonics, no frequency pulling, also adjust your ATU, measure phasing lines, RF resistance and hence Q of loading coils, preamplifier matching or use it as a noise generator, transceiver protected, needs 9V dc or internal battery, 4x7x13 cm, 250 g.

"doing all you claim for it", CFP in Chipping Norton.
"still giving excellent service", ABGH in Daventry.
"very pleased", LWD in Warwickshire.

This fun-to-build kit used to include all parts, tinned drilled fibre-glass pcb, pre-wound coil, case, connectors, screws etc as well as detailed assembly and operating instructions including circuit description and diagram, and was priced at 27.90 including VAT and UK postage.
Please e-mail for the latest price reduction, details of payment and any extra parts now neeeded.